Bideford and River Torridge Heritage Harbour..... a going concern is gaining momentum, according to Mike Teare, of the Way of the Wharves and Bideford and Torridge Heritage Harbour.

BTHH comprises a number of areas of interest  reflecting the long history of the Bideford area, including being one of England's main ports centuries ago.

There are heritage vessels, museums and self-guided walks to enjoy, and Mike outlined some, including the history and ecology of the river.

Old pictures show the rich variety of activity in the past, with sailing and steam ships, and a railway link Eastwards. The town however, has traditionally looked to the West, with sailing routes to the US, back to Europe, and return to Bideford in a triangular trading pattern.

The was much boatbuilding, which did not need a huge investment in the past - just a flat foreshore and the skilled tradesmen to carry out a wide vaiety of boatbuilding work.

Mike was keen to point out that having the 'Heritage Harbour' title is just a designation - no funding comes with it.

However, much enterprise has already been put into making the most of the designation to build on the rich history of the area.


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