Catch a Crab.....

.....except that we're not going rowing, but heading out on the first shore survey for a long time !
To get Coastwise members into the right frame of mind for Lee Bay on 27th April, Paula Ferris gave an expert overview of crab identification as part of the summer talks series.

One of the key identification features is the number of 'sawteeth' at the front of the carapace, but there are also features such as furrows in the carapace that are clues - see the Furrowed Crab, or Montagu's Crab, Xantho hydrophilus R, 2nd from top.
She ran over the main types that members are likely to see, and also some of the less common, like Xaiva biguttata, which has no common name, and the invasive Chinese Mitten Crab, Eriocheir sinensis.

A great start to the summer survey season.

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