A Decade of Learning and Fun.........

Coastwise members celebrated the first ten years as founder Paula Ferris gave a nostalgic overview of "The Coastwise Family and Other Animals" (apologies to Gerald Durrell).

Paula covered a wide range of Coastwise activities and its members and how they have both changed and evolved over the years.

Highlights included  :-

  • 20 interest-packed programmes of 10 talks, with some nationally and scientifically-recognised speakers,
  • 6 summer outdoor programmes of activities,
  • the AONB-funded MBA training for the first public Shore Safaris,
  • trips to other locations like Dorset, Cornwall and S.Wales,
  • cooperation with other local organisations such as the UNESCO North Devon Biosphere Reserve, NT, AONB, Seal Life,
  • a major role representing North Devon through "Finding Sanctuary" in the designation of local Marine Conservation Zones under the 2010 Marine Act,
  • identification of a new variety of Stalked Jellyfish,
  • long-term contribution to Shore Thing structured scientific surveys at Lee Bay and Greencliff,
  • participation in the EU-funded major marine economic valuation project "ValMer",
  • microscopy sessions for members and the public,
  • organisation of 2 major BioBlitzes (Biosphere and AONB)

Pictured R, top to bottom are :-

1. First Shore Safari

2. Seaweed ID Training

3. First Shore Survey - Quadrats at the ready

4. Coastwise has been a long-term contributor to the Shore Thing Project

5. Public education event at Barricane

6. Public Shore Safari

7. Identification of finds

8. Showing the public the delights of rockpooling

9. You're never too young to learn about the marine world......

10. Collaborating with the National Trust

11. Microscope Workshop at Mortehoe Village Hall

12. Woolacombe BioBlitz - organised for the Biosphere's 10th Anniversary

13. Clearing the shoreline of litter....

14. Microscope Workshop at Ilfracombe Dive Club's excellent headquarters

15. Croyde BioBlitz - organised for the AONB's Coastal Creatures Project


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