Dorms for Dormice - Coastwise tackles the dormouses houses crisis.......

On 20th March Coastwise ventured inland for a change, and Janice Whittington and Jan Ashworth  led a team of 12 Coastwise Members who  put their DIY skills to the test by building new homes for dormice. The National Trust had generously offered their workshop facilities at Brownsham and on arrival Alistair Ashworth who had not only sourced the materials at no cost, but had also pre-cut the wood to size – for which everyone was grateful. Following instructions from Alistair, people took their places at their respective workbenches  and construction began. After a couple of hours of light- hearted discussions 24 nest boxes materialised.The nest boxes were then installed a week later in the woods at Bucks Mill where hopefully they will have new residents in the not too distant future. Alistair has recently completed a further six boxes and these will also be installed soon – so thank you Alistair.

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