Frozen Fingers in February........

.......don't deter serious rockpoolers, said Heather Buttivant, an old friend of Coastwise, as she stiffened members' backbones and inspired them to get out despite the season.

Heather's message was simple; winter's still a great time to get out and look for marine life. There is less weed, so it's easier to see into pools, there'll be more juveniles, and there will be many fewer people out.

She pointed out that Stalked Jellyfish, a favourite of several members, seem more prolific, and can be found where there are slow currents to help feeding, frequently on Irish Moss and red seaweeds.

In January, the water is colder, but there are more signs of spring, and Heather showed how some marine life shows lovely colours under UV light, with Gem Anemones as an example.

In February, many of the juveniles are beginning to grow larger, although the sea temperature continues to fall, and will do until early summer.

In summary, the message was....'grit your teeth and get out's still worthwhile !'

Pictured R from top (courtesy of Heather Buttivant), The Message, Stalked jellyfish, suckerfish, gem anemone.

Here is the link to Heather's talk...........


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