Lee Bay Snappers

Coastwise cameras were in action at Lee Bay last week  as we geared up for a summer season of surveys.  A dozen of us equipped with the cameras to be used were set the task of refreshing our skills by finding and photographing a dozen target species.

The clarity of the photos we take during our surveys is an important element in the data we submit to the Wildlife Trusts’ Shoresearch database, and this provided an opportunity for us to improve.

We shared our expertise and techniques for getting the best shots whilst coping with the challenges of taking pictures of small organisms in damp, dark, wet places, even the sunshine though welcome, can be problematic.  

Tips were shared on lighting, reflection, best settings to use, regularly checking progress with playback.  That was the theory anyhow, the subtext being to have fun, which we did, with time to rummage on the shore after as a reward.  

A quick register of the seaweeds and animals seen totalled over 70 including many common species, with a green sea urchin, white tortoiseshell limpet and bizarre peanut worm amongst the more unusual.

Our surveys start at Hele Bay on 15th May . 

Those interested in finding out more please contact [email protected].

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