Look into a Rockpool......

...............and you're bound to see lots of Limpets and Anenomes.

Nicola Mello gave Coastwise members an identification guide to both; like a lot of things, some are easy, but some are harder.

Limpets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the large volcanoes to the tiny Semibalanus balanoides. Some are only really distinguishable by internal colour. There is even an invasive version - Darwins barnacles, or Austrominius modestus.

Anenomes are the prima donnas of the rockpools, with lovely colours, although some camouflage themselves with detritus - gems, dahlias, glaucus pimplets and daisies - and become difficult to identify.

Overall, a great walk-through of these two types of animals.

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