More work to do around our Devon Coasts..... Coral Smith, from the DWT, showed Coastwise members during her talk pulling together data from three groups of marine surveyors.

Shoresearch methodologies have been followed by Coastwise, the DWT and Shores of South Devon, another marine enthusiast group similar to Coastwise. Data has been uploaded to iRecord, and Coral undertook some analysis to show up similarities and differences.

First of all, she outlined the different types of survey, and the route to validation of the data on iRecord.

Her analysis looked at a comparison of species found, common species, invasives and unique (to a location) species, and it was evident that there are more invasive species and climate change indicators in South Devon than the North coast.

The conclusions are that we need to keep surveying and recording, because, because the data set is still small and may not be statistically significant, given the differences in ID capability of the surveyors.

Coral's talk was recorded, and here's the link to the YouTube video :-


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