Mudlarking at the Skern....

....wasn't quite as mucky as feared. People were wary of the softer mud after scary tales of lost wellies, so stuck to the firmer areas.

The excursion was organised by Liesje, with the help of Burrows Rangers Rose and Jess, who made an event of it with a gazebo, suitable equipment including trays and corers, and even tea and biscuits !

Members brought microscopes and graded sieves, and also some impressive displays of expertise.

The mud was not quite as productive as hoped, but there were ragworms, Hydrobia ulvae (Laver spire shel), and nematode worms. It was concluded that any wading bird was going to have to work hard for its food. There was also an entertaining mass-bathing demo by the local starling flock.

Pictured R from top are the base camp (courtesy of Rob Jutsum), members out on the mud taking samples, bathing starlings, Hydrobia snails (courtesy of Rob Jutsum), ragworms.

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