The North Devon AONB is on Nature's Tracks.....

.......left by it's footprints, as the team, led by the Coordinator Joe Newberry, explained to Coastwise members.

The Finding Nature's Footprints project, funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund, has an ambitious scope covering a wide range of activities including reviewing and coordinating data sources, linking the many bodies already involved in nature in the area, and helping community involvement to increase. The team has been looking at the various projects already in progress to make use of and build on their results.

Data gathered through the project will be used to support communities, volunteers, landowners and local agencies to develop community-led nature recovery plans and take action, the key word being 'connection' - of people to nature.   
Alongside nature surveys and actions, the Project Partners will offer opportunities for new audiences to connect with nature and benefit from the nationally designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This will be through activities such as green prescribing, guided walks, school and college engagement, arts and nature activities. Partners include Northam Burrows Country Park, National Trust, Sunrise Diversity, North Devon Voluntary Service, Devon Biodiversity Records Centre and Red Herring Productions.

This is mainly a terrestrial project, but there is a significant marine element, reflecting the AONB's physical shape in North Devon, and a team member, Laura Carolan, will be working with Coastwise to help its input to the project.

Overall, potentially a great benefit for North Devon and Coastwise - we look forward to working with the project team, some of whom have already participated in Coastwise events.


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