The NT (National Treasure ?).....we trust it's well-managed

Academy Ranger (or trainee) Josh Day gave Coastwise an overview of the National Trust's management processes for its land at Woolacombe and Morte. Josh has a deep interest in nature and photography, and we received the full benefit of these with some great pictures and insights into the flora and fauna he encounters in his job.

There is a constant battle against intrusive gorse and scrub to maintain the current format of the dune system and achieve a balance of habitat types in the vegetated areas. Our local coast enjoys a number of these, which have formal classifications such as Marine Grassland and Coastal Heathland, with defined typical flora.

Management measures range from high-tech Swiss tractors with scrub-cutters designed to work safely on very steep slopes, to Exmoor Ponies, designed to consume the maximum amount of tourist lunch sandwiches if given the chance.

Josh was selected for the post from over 200 applicants, and we could see from his enthusiasm and knowledge why he had been chosen by the National Trust.


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