An Order of Magnitude........ what separates Maggs Ashton's marine life photos from what the rest of us take.

Maggs is an experienced SCUBA diver and Coastwise member, and took us on an underwater trip round the local coast from Ilfracombe to Barnstaple Bay, via various wrecks.

She started with the "Princess" in Woody Bay (R, top), where the exposed innards of the ship are covered in marine life of various sorts.

Then west to Copress Bay, off Great Hangman, and round to near Bull Point, where the "Stan Woolaway", a sand barge, sank in the 1960s.

It's tempting to think that all the attractive marine life is in warm tropical seas, but Mags showed Coastwise members that the clarity of out local waters can reveal really lovely underwater scenes that match any foreign reef.

A YouTube video of Mags' talk will be here shortly.......

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