Saunton Marine Life....think small occasionally... many of the more interesting animals only show themselves, or allow accurate identification under moderate magnification.

This is one of the many lessons that Coastwise founder and self-taught marine enthusiast Paula Ferris has taught less knowledgeable members.

As part of the Coastwise response to the C-19 restrictions, members have been organising talks via Zoom, which are becoming more popular, even with the less tech-savvy of us.

Paula covered a variety of species that she's seen on visits to her local Saunton rocky shore, and a few of her excellent pictures are shown Right :-

From Top,

An example of the need to think small is this beautiful little nudibranch (Doto coronata), which together with its hatched eggs were subsequently returned to its habitat.

Dahlia anemones (Urticina felina)

Sting Winkles with their eggs

Sea Lemon (Archidoris pseudoargus), showing the characteristic variable colour pattern, pinkish in this example

Spotted Cowrie (Trivia monacha), showing the brown spotted mantle that wraps round the shell

Common Starfish (Asterias rubens)

Fanworm (Bispira volutacornis), feeding off the floor of its crevice



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