Seasearch finds Coastwise........!

There's a completely different perspective on the marine world available to divers, and Sally Sharrock from Seasearch Devon came all the way from Plymouth and gave Coastwise members a window on this fascinating and colourful world, and the work that Seasearch does.
Seasearch, which is supported by the Environment Agency and the Marine Conservation Society, is one of the very few organisations carrying out structured observation and research on marine habitats on a national scale.
We learned that although North Devon is an awkward location to work in (click for Seasearch diver in action) from a South Devon base due to a variety of factors including logistics, weather and currents, there are some beautiful, colourful and unusual animals.
Although much of Seasearch's activity in North Devon has been in the slightly more sheltered environments around Lundy and Combe Martin Bay, many of the wonderful pictures that Sally showed us, including this tompot blenny (what else can you identify in the picture ?) from near Morte Point, were taken at other locations.
(Pictures courtesy of Sally Sharrock) 

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