Shore Safari Guides : MarLIN comes to Coastwise.............

MarLIN is the Marine Biological Association’s Marine Life Information Network, based in Plymouth

Coastwise has recently launched the new Shore Safari project with training sessions for Coastwise members by MarLIN marine officer, Jack Sewell. The project is funded by the AONB Sustainable Development Fund and the objective to offer a limited number of beach events for the public,  including a rock-pool ramble for the North Devon Festival, 2010.

North Devon has wonderful beaches which provide lots of different places for a bewildering variety of animals to live.  Intriguing, beautiful and educational by turn, these creatures excite the interest of visitors keen to know more, but there are few local opportunities to learn.  Coastwise members want to develop their own knowledge so that they can meet some of the demand.

The first two training sessions were delivered by Jack Sewell at Hallsannery Field Centre (click on link for picture) in October and November to a full house of  20 enthusiastic  members.  The sessions were packed with information about different habitats, animal identification and behaviour and practical information about how to run events.  The first session included a visit to Abbotsham beach.

Jim Monroe, project co-ordinator, and fellow project team members Anne Brown and Robert Down, will be over-seeing the rest of the training programme, which will include a session with Coastwise favourite Pip Jollands of Hallsannery. Meanwhile Anne is developing the Coastwise “Shore Story”, to provide a systematic format for our shore visits, the first of which will be a rehearsal for Coastwise members and friends early in the Spring.

Paula Ferris noted that....“We were an attentive audience, with a lot to learn.   Jack gave us an excellent grounding and answered all our questions.  He even increased our readiness for the fray with some games to help engage children in marine life (click on link for picture), and we discovered how easy and what fun it is to dispense with dignity.  Now it is largely down to us to build on what we have learnt, and to keep on having fun so we can share our enthusiasm with others in the summer.”  


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