Yet More Time off in Looe...BioSpying

Coastwise observers descended on Looe again to learn from the Marine Biological Association/Cornwall Widlife Trust BioBlitz on 23rd and 24th June. We were looking at the management and data capture to learn any lessons for our own Biosphere 10th Anniversary BioBlitz at Woolacombe on 7th Sept this year.

The MBA/DWT had obtained a superb base just out of town to the West of the East Looe River, and densely populated it with experts and lab equipment.

There was also an outstation at Hannafore Point for snorkelling and strand line surveys.

Coastwise took the opportunity to check the local flora and fauna, finding nice examples of  ascidians (Botryllus schlosseri), a chiton with its friilly skirt(Acabthochitonia fascicularis) and a cowrie (Trivia monacha) that was learning to abseil.



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