Shore Safari Guided Tours

The 2013 Shore Safari Programme of summer beach events is now available :-
 Shore Safari Dates can be downloaded by clicking here

 Coastwise is offering a series of what we think of as Shore Safaris (also known by others as Rockpool Rambles), this summer. These are guided tours of the rocky seashore accompanied by knowledgeable Coastwise members and will enable participants to get an insight into the exciting world of the rock pool. They are not strenuous, but your may get wet !

With last year's experience we are going into 2013 with much more confidence in the popularity of these beach excursions. We will be holding the 2013 programme at a much wider ranges of North Devon's rocky beaches.

Join us this summer ! See below for a brief outline of a Shore Safari/Rockpool Ramble.

North Devon has wonderful beaches which provide lots of different places for a bewildering variety of animals to live.  Intriguing, beautiful and educational by turn, these creatures excite the interest of visitors keen to know more, but there are few local opportunities to learn.  Coastwise members have developed their own knowledge with a series of professionally-run training activities so that they can pass this on to others, which were funded by the AONB’s Sustainable Development Fund.

We are offering several 2 hour shore safaris at locations including the popular Barricane Beach, Woolacombe, one of the most beautiful locations. We may add events to the list below as the summer unfolds.

Local beaches and the nearby rocky shores offer plenty of accessible rock-pools and gullies rich in life. See how many different anemones you can find. Look out for extraordinary sea hares come ashore to mate and lay their eggs. Search out the starfish quietly breaking its way into a mussel by sheer power, and scour the rocks for cowries feeding amidst the turf of plants and animals that supports a mass of sea snails, barnacles, crabs and small fish. And always keep a look-out for the unexpected, the shore is full of surprises. Come prepared to walk over sand and slippery rocks, and you may get wet!

Scheduled Events are at a number of locations for 2013




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