Everything from Regional Alliances to dormouse boxes.......

The Coastwise Spring 2012 Newsletter (download) reflects the progress that Coastwise has made over the last few years. We're forming alliances with other wildlife groups in the Southwest who are keen to expand their marine interests. In our turn, Cornwall's full-time marine officer showed us what a difference a full-time presence can make, and we'll be developing these relationships in the future.

The Spring series of talks is featured, and reports on the last year - over 1000 people prticipated in our summer programme of beach visits, and hopefully took away some enhanced understanding of the marine environment.

We'll be deeply involved in the local UNESCO Biosphere programme, and following interests such as birding, with trips to reserves in the region, and supporting local wildlife in a local NT site by helping our licenced dormouse expert to make nesting boxes to encourage them.

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