Lundy's a honeypot.......

........for people and protaction designations, as explained by Warden Joe Parker to a Coastwise audience, most of whom have visited the island.

Joe is a keen ornithologist and bird ringer and joined the island team in May 2023 to head up the recently re-accredited Bird Observatory before being appointed as Head Warden in November. Before upping sticks to Lundy, Joe working at Birds of Poole Harbour for four years, coordinating the engagement and education programme while supporting flagship projects such as the South Coast Osprey Reintroduction Project.

He outlined all the designations, both marine and terrestrial that have allowed it to become a singular wildlife area, with, for example, the 'Lundy Cabbage' making it unique.

The Island has an intriguing history which includes smuggling and piracy, and this adds to the atmosphere.

One of the key projects that have let to its rich bird life was the eradication of rats, which predated most of the breeding species. However, constant attention is given to avoiding the accidental re-introduction. This has allowed the puffin population, for example, to rise from 13 breeding pairs in 2000, to 1300pairs now.

The rich diversity allows 831 species of fungi, as well as the unique species of Lundy weevil and flea-beetle.

Protection of the ecology means balancing the grazing of ponies, Soay sheep and goats with the need to keep plant cover, and requires constant management.

A recording of Joe's talk is avialable on YouTube......

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